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The Best Way To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In
Your South Pasadena Home

Bed bugs are the kind of pest that no one wants to think about. Just the idea of them getting into your house is enough to make you start feeling itchy. Unfortunately, these tiny pests are a major problem in the United States, and no one’s home is immune to an infestation. Bed bugs are expert hitchhikers, so anytime you travel or even go to a public place, there’s a chance you’ll end up bringing some home with you. With no 100% effective way to keep bed bugs out of your house, the best way to avoid an infestation is to pay careful attention to any signs of bed bug activity already in your home. Eliminating a bed bug problem as soon as possible is easier than dealing with a large, widespread infestation.

Our Bed Bug Control Offerings

Kat’s Pest Solutions provides expert pest solutions in South Pasadena and has the expertise to handle your bed bug infestation, no matter how big or small.


Free Inspection

Having a bed bug inspection performed is a necessary part of the bed bug control process for several reasons:

  • Bed bugs are often mistaken for other pests, and they must be positively identified before we treat them since they require a special type of treatment.
  • Deciding which type of treatment will be most effective against your infestation depends in part on how large and widespread your infestation has become.
  • The type of treatment you choose will require certain preparations you need to know about and perform prior to the treatment. The inspection allows us to provide you with the information you need ahead of time.

During the inspection, we’ll begin in the room where you first noticed the activity. We’ll inspect furniture, mattresses, closets, and more, looking for any signs of bed bug activity. After the inspection is complete, we’ll go over your treatment options with you and provide you with the list of necessary preparations.

K9 inspections: We also offer a K9 inspection option. Specially-trained dogs can sniff out bed bugs in a highly accurate manner, and this allows us to identify the areas we may not be able to see, such as within walls, to determine where bed bugs are hiding.



Our treatment times vary based on the type of treatment we perform and how thoroughly you prep the house before the treatment. In some instances, where bed bug activity is concentrated in one area, and there are absolutely no other signs of bed bugs anywhere else in the house, we can do single room treatments. However, bed bugs easily travel through walls from room to room, so the vast majority of the time, we perform whole house treatments to ensure the most effective results.

Conventional treatment: Our conventional treatment uses several types of products to provide full-coverage and eliminate bed bugs in all stages of development. We’ll treat every room, all furniture, and every crack and crevice with a chemical treatment. We’ll remove outlet covers to dust all wall voids. We’ll finish by using a fogging treatment in all cracks and crevices.

Heat treatment: Our heat treatment involves running hoses throughout your house and heating each room to a certain temperature. We monitor this to make sure the home hits the right temperature and make sure the heat is processed the right way. Bed bugs cannot withstand the heat, so it is effective against them at all stages of development.

We follow the heat treatment up with a light chemical treatment to eliminate any bed bugs that may have escaped the heat treatment.



Within two weeks of the initial treatment, we’ll return to your home for a follow-up inspection. If any signs of bed bug activity are still present, we’ll provide a re-treatment at this time.

Keep Your South Pasadena Home Safe From Bed Bugs

A bed bug infestation will not go away on its own and almost always requires professional intervention. Let the experts at Kat’s Pest Solutions get rid of your bed bug problem before it steals another night of sleep from you. Contact us to schedule an inspection of your Southern California home. Learn more about our South Pasadena, CA home pest control and commercial pest control offerings.