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Averting Cockroach Infestations
In South Pasadena, CA

Cockroaches are pests that you do not want in your Southern California house. One of the foulest pests to infest homes and businesses, cockroaches spread dangerous pathogens. Cockroaches pick up these pathogens as they spend time in a variety of filthy locations, such as in garbage bins, on animal feces, and even on animal carcasses. Once inside your house, cockroaches quickly multiply and are extremely difficult, if not impossible, to eliminate without the assistance of a professional pest control company. Cockroaches are resistant to many chemicals and are skilled at hiding in inaccessible areas of your home when they feel threatened.

Our Cockroach Control Offerings

If you have a cockroach infestation, you need the skill, knowledge, and experience of Kat’s Pest Solutions.


Free Inspection

Getting an accurate understanding of your current cockroach infestation is vital in our fight against it. One of our pest wranglers will come to your home to determine what type of cockroach is in your home, how they’re getting inside, how large the infestation is, and where the cockroaches are harboring.

We’ll begin by inspecting the kitchen and bathrooms. If the infestation is large, we’ll also inspect bedrooms to see how far the infestation has spread.



Based on our findings, we’ll recommend one of two treatment methods. We usually recommend a gel treatment for small infestations, and for large infestations, we will recommend a full treatment.

Both treatment methods require you to complete some prep work before we treat your house. We’ll supply you with a cockroach prep sheet that explains each task that must be performed prior to our arrival for the treatment. The time that our treatment will take depends on several factors, one of which is how well your home is prepared for the treatment ahead of time.

Gel treatment: If your infestation requires a gel treatment, we’ll use either a gel bait or gel syringe to treat specific areas of your home. These areas include: Cracks and crevices, Under sinks, Inside cabinets. The gel treatment works by being picked up by cockroaches and then spread it to other cockroaches, eventually eliminating the entire infestation.

Full treatment: We recommend a full cockroach treatment for large infestations, which includes a combination of treatment methods to eliminate your cockroach infestation entirely. This treatment is extremely thorough, and covers the following areas: Every crack and crevice, Cabinets, Drawers, Underneath the sink, Countertops, On top of cabinets, Behind the stove, Behind the fridge, Baseboards. In addition, we’ll remove electrical outlets and put dust in the wall voids. Finally, we’ll complete the initial treatment by performing a fogging treatment of all cracks and crevices.



A month after a full treatment, we’ll return to your home to do a gel treatment.

Get Started With Cockroach Control In South Pasadena, CA

If you’ve seen a cockroach in your home, it’s highly likely that it’s not the only one present. Contact the South Pasadena pest control professionals at Kat’s Pest Solutions for cockroach control that will fully eliminate your roach infestation before it makes your family sick. Our services are thorough and effective. Learn more about our home pest control and commercial pest control services in South Pasadena.