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Your business takes a lot of your time, money, and dedication, and you don’t need any hiccups making it harder than it needs to be. A pest or rodent infestation is one such hiccup. Pests in a business setting can become a serious problem very quickly. They damage your inventory, equipment, and building. They introduce disease-causing pathogens into the space that can make your employees and customers sick. And, their presence can cause customers to gain an unfavorable opinion of your business. Getting rid of a pest infestation and keeping them out can be difficult when you face it on your own. However, when you partner with Kat’s Pest Solutions, you receive the personalized service and attention to detail that Los Angeles County has come to love..

Our Commercial Pest & Rodent Control Process

Kat’s Pest Solutions has over a decade of experience eliminating and preventing business’s pest problems in South Pasadena.


Your commercial pest and rodent control service begins with a detailed inspection of your facility. We’ll take the time to discuss the problems you’ve been experiencing and where you’ve been experiencing them and then focus on those areas first during our inspection. Inside, our inspection often includes bathrooms, kitchens, baseboards, under sinks, and more. Outside, we look for cracks and crevices around the exterior of your building and harborage areas.


After our initial inspection, we’ll prepare a service plan to meets your business’s specific needs. First, we’ll provide you with a checklist of tasks that must be completed prior to our first treatment, as well as information about what we’ll be doing while we’re there so that you’re fully prepared for our visit.


We begin in the back of your building and work our way to the front, treating problem areas, cracks, and crevices. Outside, we also treat cracks and crevices, as well as around the entire exterior perimeter, including windows and doors. We will also treat any shrubs and trees around the building.


The frequency of our service visits after the initial one will depend on your pest and rodent control needs. We can re-treat your facility as frequently as every week or extend it out to every month. Each service will focus on the pests and rodents you’re actively having trouble with or common problems in that particular season.

Facilities We Service

Apartment Complexes

When rodents or pests get into an apartment, they can quickly and easily move from one to another until they have infested the entire complex. Keep your tenants safe and content in a pest-free environment with help from Kat’s Pest Solutions.

Bars & Restaurants

One of the worst places to experience a pest infestation is in a restaurant setting. Food and pests do not mix, and when they do, serious problems can occur. Keep pests and rodents out of your restaurant or bar by partnering with Kat’s Pest Solutions.

Daycares & Schools

Children come to your facility to learn, and you have a responsibility to care for them. These goals are difficult to accomplish when pests an rodents threaten the health and safety of the kids in your care. Keep them healthy and safe with Kat’s Pest Solutions.

Industrial Buildings

No matter what type of industry you’re in, if your industrial building becomes infested with pests or rodents, you risk damaged equipment, lost revenue, and other serious problems. Let Kat’s Pest Solutions keep your business safe from pests and rodents.

Office Buildings

Whether you occupy the entire building or lease out space, none of your office building employees want to deal with a pest or rodent infestation. Keep productivity and morale high by letting Kat’s Pest Solutions keep your business pest-free solutions.


A warehouse can be a pest or rodent’s dream come true. There is plenty of space to move around and hide and few people to stop them. Stop these damaging creatures with the help of Kat’s Pest Solutions’ commercial pest and rodent control services.Solutions.

Your South Pasadena Business Is In Good Hands

When you choose Kat’s Pest Solutions for your commercial pest and rodent control needs, your business is in good hands. We have the knowledge and skill you need to keep harmful pests and rodents out of your facility while providing you with a pleasant experience you won’t look at with dread. If you need commercial pest and rodent control, contact Kat’s Pest Solutions today.