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Everyone has dealt with mosquito bites, and some may have even contracted a mosquito-borne illness like West Nile virus. As mosquito season approaches, here are some useful facts about mosquitoes and how to manage them with Kats Pest Solutions.

With mosquito season nearly here, the bothersome mosquitoes will soon invade backyards everywhere. Show them you’re prepared! Here are 10 timely tips to make it harder for these blood-thirsty pests to settle in:

10 Timely Tips:
1. Eliminate Standing Water: Remove or cover anything that can hold water. Even a bottle cap can yield up to 100 mosquitoes.
2. Manage Used Tires: Remove, cover, or drill holes in used tires to ensure water drains out completely. Do the same for tire swings.
3. Modify Recycling Containers: Drill holes in the bottom of recycling bins to prevent water accumulation.
4. Address Lipped Containers: Be cautious of buckets, wheelbarrows, and recycling containers that can collect water when flipped over.
5. Maintain Gutters: Clean clogged gutters and ensure proper drainage.
6. Check Entry Points: Make sure all windows, screens, and doors are tight-fitting and in good repair.
7. Clean Birdbaths: Scrub birdbaths thoroughly with a brush now and throughout mosquito season to remove mosquito eggs.
8. Cover Drains: Use hardware cloth to cover in-ground drains or treat them to prevent mosquito breeding.
9. Fill Low-Lying Areas: Address low-lying areas where water collects and stagnates.
10. Inspect Tarps: Regularly check and remove water from tarps or plastic covers.

Mosquito Species in Our Area (Southern California):

California has a diverse assortment of mosquitoes with 53 established species recognized in the state. Recent introductions of Aedes albopictus (2011) and Aedes aegypti (2013) have been detected in California and efforts are being made to control and possibly eradicate these nonnative species. However, the potential for new species introductions is always present.

The majority of California mosquitoes are in the genera AedesAnophelesCuliseta, or CulexAedes has the greatest number of California species.

Public Health Threats:
Mosquitoes are a public health concern for three main reasons: annoyance, secondary infections, and mosquito-transmitted diseases. They can disrupt family gatherings, outdoor events, and sleep, and excessive scratching of bites can lead to secondary infections.

Preparing Your Yard (Pest Control):
Mosquitoes need water to breed. Some prefer roadside ditches or woodland areas, while others thrive in residential and commercial properties, breeding in containers holding water. To mitigate mosquito issues, inspect your yard before mosquito season and remove any potential breeding sites.

Risks of Using Over-the-Counter Products:
Many common mosquito control methods, such as citronella candles, tiki torches, wrist bracelets, mosquito-repelling plants, bug zappers, and popular home remedies, lack scientific backing and can give a false sense of security. For more information on effective mosquito control, check out resources like Pest Control Technology’s “Mosquito Mythbusting.”

When necessary, use insect repellent. Several safe active ingredients are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and there are multiple formulations available. For more information on insect repellents and how to choose one, visit the EPA’s repellents guide.



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